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Intermountain Nutrition is an SQF and NSF Certified contract manufacturer in the Nutritional Supplement Industry serving some of the largest brands in the world.

Our Facility is Registered with all major regulatory bodies

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Our products are made for brands sold in Costco, Walmart, Amazon, Whole Foods and other major supermarkets across the globe.

Our facility is located on 45 acres in southern Utah Valley where we are operating out of a total of 277,000 Sqft. 

As industry experts with capsules, powders, and gummies, we've helped hundreds of companies take their brands worldwide. It wouldn't be surprising if you have a bottle in your pantry that was blended and packaged by our team here at Intermountain Nutrition.


Our Lead-Times and Quality Control are unmatched while maintaining extremely competitive pricing, helping our clients achieve the margins they need to continue their growth.

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Our only mission is to become your trusted partner that reliably produces the highest quality products in record time.

Our Story

Intermountain Nutrition was formed in 2013 when our founder had a supplement brand and wasn’t able to find reliable manufacturers to make his products. 

Not only were his orders misplaced and delivered late by those manufacturers, but the products didn’t even test out according to the specifications and label claims. Records were hidden from him by the other manufacturers to cover up mishaps, impurities, etc. If you want to see batch records, just ask!


With a background in manufacturing, our founder thought, ‘Why not do this for my own brand?'. That only lasted a few months and when other brands caught wind of a new manufacturer in town and an owner that they know and trust. His brand was quickly sold-off due to the amount of outside interest from others facing similar roadblocks. All attention was put into making products for others from that point on. Finally, a Co-Man was finally born with capacity, transparency, integrity, communication and timeliness. 


What do you get when you work with us?

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 Intermountain Nutrition can source and purchase all materials and components for you.

Sit back and focus on your marketing and we'll do the rest!


Customers can provide all or part of the materials/components while Intermountain provides the manufacturing experience, labor, and certifications to lean-on as a certified and experienced supplement manufacturing partner.

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Raw Materials and Components are sourced from all over the world. With metric tons of materials being used weekly, we have great buying power that helps keep costs down for our customers.


2 Ribbon Blenders (4,000 Liters and 8,000 Liters) 


1 Rotary Blender (12,000 Liters) that'll blow your mind. In less than 5 minutes the blend is complete and uniform.

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12 High-speed encapsulation machines (Bosch-Syntegon)


2 solid dose packaging lines, 2 powder packaging lines for tubs, 2 lines for pouches/stand-up gusseted bags.

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 Blending and Forming 750,000 gummies per day


In-House Lab:
PJLA ISO/IEC 17025:2017
Accreditation # 77654

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