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Make it Custom…

Capsules, Powders, or Gummies. 

Either way you go, we’ve got your back with industry experts on our team that have been working in the supplement industry for 20+ years. 


If it’s a capsule product, we’ll dial it in for you and determine what is needed (or not needed, if being made elsewhere), so that the capsules flow and fill properly while hitting the weight that is specified on your label. 

If it’s a powder product, we’ll flavor match or develop new flavors that work the best with the active ingredients that are in your powder formula. We work with numerous flavor houses that have just about every flavor option under the sun. 


If it’s a gummy product, let us take a crack at it with you. Gummies can be tricky depending on the base formula. We’ll help guide you through the development process and work with you on colors and flavors that work the best with your gummy. 


1. Formulate

Have a formula or concept? We’ll work with you to meet cost requirements, product goals, and provide solutions that will work within your targeted budget.


2. Manufacture

We’ll secure the materials and components  and begin production. Our production lead times can range from around 3 weeks to 12 weeks, depending on your formula. 

3. Ship

When the Certificate of Analysis (COA) is back from the lab where we’ve tested your Finished Good to ensure their safety and efficacy, we’ll arrange to ship it out to you via UPS, FedEx, LTL or FTL. It’s your choice and whatever works best based on your business model, location, etc. 


a Quote

Get a quote, we are ready to start working with you today!

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