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IMN has built an unrivaled reputation thanks to its R&D-driven product portfolio. This culture of innovation means we’re always up to date with the latest scientific research and regulatory requirements and we are always exploring new sources, combinations, applications, and dosages of active nutrients with beneficial health effects.

Our team of specialists in nutrition, biochemistry, and food regulations sets the standard for safety and quality in every step of the research, production, and packaging phases.

We create all kinds of flavors for Whey Protein, Vegan Protein, Pre-Workouts, Collagen, Creamers, etc. Bring your creative mind with you and put our R&D team up to the task and will give it more than just the old college try! 

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We have strategic partnerships with the best raw material suppliers in our industry, allowing us to purchase ingredients at a lower cost than most (Depending on the specific material of course).

Even if your product needs a new patented ingredient or some obscure material that we’ve somehow never heard of, our Sourcing Department will scour the globe, bring the ingredients in to our facility, have our Quality Control department ensure that it reaches the highest of standards for you and your brand, and formulate a product for you that will make it rain!

Request a

Get a quote, our agent are ready to bring you all the information you need. 

Product Quality is our top priority. 

We have an ISO certified laboratory onsite, and we also tap into a few local 3rd-Party Labs for redundancy, checks and balances, methods for testing that we may not currently have onsite, etc. It’s all about quality and speed to market for you and for us! Multiple lab options For-The-Win!

Our lab is even available to test products that didn’t originate with Intermountain Nutrition. It’s another option if your overall lead-time is lagging with your current Contract Manufacturer.  

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